Canon Research Centre France S.A.S.

CRF Environmental Policy

Canon Research Center France S.A.S. (CRF) Environmental Policy has been built on the fundamental principles outlined in the Canon Group’s Environmental Charter. It reflects our operations in the region and the impact we have on the environment and the community.

Canon Bird Branch Project

CRF promotes the preservation of biodiversity, including wild birds, in partnership with the LPO which is the local NGO and official partner of BirdLife International in France.

Action for Green website

CRF started the Biodiversity Improvement on R&D Site (BIRDS) Project in 2011 in order to preserve biodiversity through sustainable site management and planning as well as to raise employee awareness of the environment.

Earth Hour 2017

In 2017, CRF participated to Earth Hour for the first time.

Water lilies at CRF
Photo ©Hervé Ruellan